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About Us

Eagle's Roost RV Park and Cabin became a vision of Leon and Rita Pedersen when they purchased 8 acres in the fall of 2008. They developed the campground themselves with the help of family and a few good friends. They moved every grain of sand and piece of dirt and built Eagles Roost RV Park with 39 campsites. They removed all the cedar trees, and there were a lot of them. Then new leaf trees were planted.

Each campsite has 50 amp electricity, water/sewer hookup, BBQ grill, and picnic table. Wood and ice are for sale on site. There is a centralized playground for the kids. And a new addition to the area is the bike/walk trail just across the road from Eagles Roost. This makes it easier to get to the river for fishing, It is planned that this trail will eventually lead to the old Meridian Bridge that crosses the Missouri River at Yankton, SD.

If you are tired of loading-unloading-hooking up-unhooking-towing to and from and paying for high-priced fuel for your tow rigs, then you should talk to Leon and Rita Pedersen. They can make your camping trip easier, cheaper, and more fun.


You won't need a park permit. You won't need to play games to register. You won't have to hook up and move your camper to empty or fill your tanks. You don't even have to move every couple of weeks.

All you have to do is jump into your economy car and get here to enjoy your camping vacation or weekend. When you get home from work just load the family into the car and drive to Eagles Roost.

Your camper will be set up, leveled, hooked up to your utilities and ready and waiting for your enjoyment. Just sit back in the lawn chair and have a cold drink. It is allowed and legal here. We allow you to personalize your campsite with a deck and other what not's.

Leon and Rita are originally from Hartington, NE. They have four sons - Eric, Ben, Clint, and Casey and their families. The family has always enjoyed outdoor activities and are no starangers to camping, boating, and fishing.

Leon and Rite live at Eagles Roost year round and provide a safe, secure, fun, family-friendly place for you to enjoy.

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